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5 Minute Pumpkins

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5 Minute Pumpkin DIY Ideas

Moms, every year I love blogging about easy ‘no carve’ pumpkin decorating – but I must say that this round-up of pumpkins is the easiest selection yet! I do hope you get a chance to try an idea or two with your kids. Don’t forget to tag them on social media so we can take a look!

5 Minute Pumpkin DIY Ideas

Materials you will need:
– small pumpkins (Shop Rite has a great variety or visit a local Farmer’s Market)
– a glue gun or glue dots for young children
– patterned Halloween paper or colored construction paper
– scissors
– hole puncher
– googly eyes
– mini pom poms
– permanent markers
5 Minute Pumpkin DIY Ideas
Confetti Pumpkin
This design is fun but classic, and looks good with any type of home decor. All you need some pom poms (I bought these mini ones at Joann’ Fabrics) and a glue gun or glue dots. You could use regular sized pom poms on a larger pumpkin, but I think the small ones look adorable on a tiny pumpkin.
5 Minute Pumpkin DIY Ideas
Ghost Pumpkin
I got the idea for this design while reading the latest issue of Halloween Magazine from Better Homes and Gardens. All you need to do is select a white mini pumpkin and glue two eyes on it. It’s that simple! My design varies a little from BHG’s – as I’ve also added a mouth with a permanent marker and some cheeks with a blue marker. Either way – this is the perfect pumpkin design to make with a toddler or young child.
5 Minute Pumpkin DIY Ideas
5 Minute Pumpkin DIY Ideas
Masquerade Pumpkin
This one is so easy to make – and turns out super cute! Simply draw a mask shape, similar to the one pictured, on the reverse side of a patterned or colored paper. Cut out the shape, and punch two holes where the eyes should be. Adhere the mask to a smooth and round pumpkin using a few glue dots or hot glue. Add a nose and mouth on the pumpkin using a permanent marker. An additional step for this design, could be decorating the mask with stickers, tiny rhinestones or glitter.
Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator, author and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop (which highlights instant coloring books & party crafts). She offers bespoke, private art lessons to children in Jersey City and Hoboken ages 4 – 12 years.

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