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All about Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ

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All about Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ

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An Interview with one of the four sisters behind the successful Montessori Schools

How did Apple Montessori come about:

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ is celebrating its 45th anniversary. Its family owned and operated. The school was started by my parents.
My mom was a teacher in Scotland and she immigrated from there. She knew the importance of early education. She understood that birth to age 6 was the best time for learning, yet struggled to find suitable educational options for her children. We’ve grown from there. My Dad was the school board president in our town for many years. He was very involved in education, being very passionate about it, and wanted to improve, help and support the public school system. He started the Elementary school which we have in Wayne to this day.
Myself and my three sisters have always been involved in the schools and we’re very proud of how many children we’ve educated and cared for over the years.

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken NJ

How many schools do you have in the NJ area:

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ have 15 schools in NJ including two Hoboken schools on the north and south sides of town for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years.

What is your teacher/child Ratio in your schools:

We follow all the state regulations, 1:10 in the pre-k classroom, 1:5 in the toddler, 1:4 in the infant. In addition, all schools are staffed with highly-trained “floaters” who are available to help out when needed.

Do you provide an option for catered lunch:

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ have an outside catering company that delivers hot lunch daily. They offer anything from gluten free to organic to international choices. They are fabulous. They were started by a group of moms.

Do you have early drop off and after care options available:

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ opens at 7am and close at 7pm in Hoboken. Our school day runs from  8.30am -3.30pm. We offer before and after school care as well as a fun and educational after school program for activities such as sports, science and cooking. 

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken NJ

Do kids get access to the outdoors:

We go outside everyday, weather permitting of course. We have an indoor playground in our Sinatra Drive school too which is suitable for our age groups infant through kindergarten. The parks here are not fenced in and keeping children safe is our top priority.

What kind of curriculum do you follow, Is it strictly Montessori style of learning or a blend:

We go above and beyond the traditional Montessori approach to help children reach his or her fullest potential in the classroom and beyond. Core curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, history, geography, math, science, technology and language including our proven and proprietary reading program. We’re proud to offer much more than exceptional academics. Our Montessori Plus enrichment programs include art, character education, music, foreign language, physical education, yoga and FasTracKids. Infant and toddler curriculum builds a foundation for the preschool program and includes specialized enrichment programs in baby yoga, baby signs, food tasting, art and music.

Can you tell us more about your social program:

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ has A true Montessori approach nurtures the whole child so we teach peace education as well as character education. We focus on kindness, respect for each other, and respect for each other’s differences. Children learn to apply what they learn to all aspects of life, from inside to outside the classroom.

What sets you apart from other Montessori Schools in the area:

I have never been to any of the Montessori schools in the area, but I feel what makes us unique is the fact that we’ve taken the best of Maria Montessori’s philosophy and approach and added to it to create our Montessori Plus approach. Our classroom management style is unique and so is our reading program in which most children read by the age of four. We have many staff members who have been with us for 10, 20 and even 30 years. We are also family owned and have a 45 year history of helping children be kind, independent, curious and happy individuals. Recently, we were honored to be named Most Loved Preschool by Hoboken/Jersey City parents.

How flexible are you with internal transfers:

It’s very common. Once you are part of the Apple family, you can transfer to any location. Majority of our schools do have waitlists (year or shorter) depending on area and location. We have a policy that if you want a transfer to a particular location and there is a wait list there, you go to the top of the waitlist so that helps get our families where they need to be.

What extracurricular activities do you offer:

Our after school program activities vary throughout the year. We have an award-winning organization that comes in and inspires students’ creativity and passions with programs like Spring into Art, The Inner Athlete, The Wonder of Science and more. 

We know Apple Schools are big on Diversity. Can you tell us a little more about that:

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ an International school with families from many different backgrounds, many who speak more than one language. We love that. The early years are a great time to learn a second language and we foster that by teaching Spanish through hands on activities, games and songs.We also offer a baby sign language program which is beneficial to families for whom English is a second language.We just finished my favorite week of all which is International week. Each class picks a different country to study, they learn about the food, the clothing, the culture, and they put on a performance for our families. All the families bring in different foods! I’m always so impressed by how well parents cook!:)

Do you offer Summer Camp programs:

In our Hoboken schools, our summer session helps children beat the summer learning slump while having fun. Super Kids Montessori curriculum fosters early reading and retention of math concepts through hands-on learning. The program infuses exciting lessons into all of our exploration and activities including in-house events, field trips, theme weeks, sports, art and much more. 

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ

What would you like to say to our families:

Today’s parents understands how important the early learning years from birth-6 are. We now know from studies that this is when IQ and love for learning is being developed. It’s a key time and you don’t want to miss it. And I love, love, love that parents are doing their homework and coming to our schools, seeing who we are and asking questions. I think that’s really important when you make that decision. So I think it’s an exciting time in education. Our doors are always open. Parents are welcome to visit us for a personal tour of the school with our knowledgeable directors.We like to set them up during the day so that they can see children working, see them using the materials and working with the curriculum. It’s the best way for parents to visualize how their children can thrive at Apple.

Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken, NJ


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