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Cute & Easy Pencil Toppers

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Moms, ‘Back to School’ time is right around the corner, and kids everywhere are getting their school supplies ready for the new year! This cute pencil topper blog post will hopefully give you some inspiration, and get the kids a little more excited to return to the classroom. The below ideas are suggestions, but you can really use whatever materials you have around the house. Enjoy!
Materials you will need:
– Pencils (new or used)
– Colored Paper
– Thin Tipped Markers
– Stickers
– Felt
– Pom Poms
– Googly Eyes
– Pipe Cleaners
– Craft Glue (Alene’s works well)
– Scissors
* Puff Paint
Idea #1: Stickers
This idea is the most simple and easy way to create a pencil topper. Both Michael’s and A.C. Moore carry an array of thick felt and foam seasonal stickers with a sticky backing. Simply peel the backs of the stickers off, and apply them where you want on the pencil. Reinforce with extra glue if needed.
Idea #2: Felt
I made this Halloween pencil topper with a little scrap of felt, some googly eyes and a marker. Cut out your desired shape in felt x 2 and glue it as shown to secure your design on top of the pencil. Decorate as you wish!
Idea #3: Paper or Foam
Cut out a shape using colored paper or foam. Snip two lines (one on the top and one on the bottom) – these will be the pockets you can use to slide the topper on the pencil. Decorate with markers!
Idea #4: Pom Poms & Pipe Cleaners
This idea is the most complicated, and great for older kids. Have fun twisting a pipe cleaner around the top of a pencil for the ‘body’ of your creature. Next, glue a pom pom on the top for the head. Add details with puff paint. I made the hat for this snowman with a scrap of felt.

Ashley Lucas (aka Lady Lucas) is an artist, illustrator, author and crafts designer. Her adorable characters can be found online via her website and Etsy shop (which highlights instant coloring books & party crafts). She offers bespoke, private art lessons to children in Jersey City and Hoboken ages 4 – 12 years.

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