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Hoboken’s Diamond Gymnastics for Kids

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Hoboken’s Diamond Gymnastics for Kids

The mile square city has a not-so-secret hideout for kids of all ages and energy levels. Hoboken’s Diamond Gymnastics for kids located at 738 Willow Avenue, is a fully equipped gymnastics center with an experienced coaching staff and the capabilities to make your child’s dreams come true.

Hoboken's Diamond Gymnastics for Kids

As a former gymnast myself, I can understand first hand the important lessons that this Olympic sport has to offer its participants. Gymnastics is a sport that teaches discipline and self-awareness. It harnesses a balance between mind and body and helps foster a sense of control from a young age. Gymnasts are powerful and flexible both in the physical and mental sense. These attributes can help a child become confident in other areas of their life as well.

From 15 months to 4 years old your child can attend a parentally assisted class. You, along with the class instructor, will help your children develop valuable motor skills like jumping, climbing and balancing. The classes last 45 minutes and utilize various apparatuses like hoops and slides.

From 4 to 5 years old your child will be able to attend without a parent. During these one-hour classes parents are permitted to watch from Diamond’s observation area. These classes are designed to continue to build your child’s physical conditioning and gymnastics foundation. They will have the opportunity to use simple gymnastics elements like beam and tumble track.

After the age of 5, children begin to separate into classes based on their skill levels. Students begin at the Novice 1 level. Through continual conditioning and evaluation by the staff, they can progress through the 5 levels that Diamond Gymnastics offers. As your child begins to work towards more advanced skills like handsprings and walkovers, they will continue to practice stretching and strength and conditioning workouts at the start and finish of each class.

For children through to adults interested in mastering specific skills or working towards their own goals, Diamond offers another fun activity. Private lessons can be scheduled with any of the instructors to give students the opportunity to have their lessons tailor made for them.

To inquire about registering your child, birthday parties or special events, please email Diamond Gymnastics at [email protected]

For more information please refer to the Diamond Gymnastics website here

 Written by: Carolyn Monroe

Carolyn Monroe is a local songwriter, blogger and musician from Hoboken NJ. She has lived in the Square Mile City for over 5 years now and continues to enjoy the lush community of creativity that this small city has to offer. She is an avid vegan and the host of The Dead Poets hip-hop and poetry open mic at Maxwell’s Tavern. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, painting and cooking delicious vegan meals for her family and friends.


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