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All about Kiddie Academy, Educational Child Care In Hoboken, NJ

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All about Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ

An Interview with Gina M. Palmiero, Center Director, of the successful Kiddie Academy, Educational Child Care, Hoboken, NJ


Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ

When did Kiddie Academy of Hoboken open its doors:

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ opened in 1983. There are 150 sites in the nation right now. That number is anticipated to grow with 20 more by the end of the year. Our owners own a lot of the franchises. As far as franchises go they are the 2nd on the list of owning the most in the United States. In NJ we have 4 sister sites including us; Hoboken, Hamilton Park, Florham Park and Secaucus. We opened in Hoboken in Dec of 2014. 

How many classrooms do you have:

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken Nj has  eleven classrooms and  they have seven that are open for the full day & we have one for our afterschool program that comes in the afternoon. And also have our own school bus!

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ

Tell us more about your school bus:

Our bus is shared across all the schools but primarily during the school year. During the school year it’s used for our after school transportation program. We pick up twenty afterschoolers from Demarest and Rue public schools in Hoboken and bring them to Kiddie Academy. A lot of them have younger siblings that are here. Our bus will be shared across all our sites for summer camp as well.

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ

What are the age groups of children enrolled:

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken Nj starts at 6 weeks up to Kindergarten. And  also provide before and after school care and summer camp for children up to twelve years of age. Our age breakdown is as follows: Infants: 6 weeks -12 months; Toddler: 12-18 months; 18 months – 2yrs; 2yrs – 2.5yrs; 2.5yrs – 3yrs; 3.5yrs – 4.5yrs & Kindergarten. We differ from other schools here but we really wanted to create a school where the age breakdown is what we felt and saw is developmentally appropriate.

What is your teacher/child ratio in your schools:

We follow all the state regulations.

Do you provide an option for catered lunch:

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken Nj provide, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack with low fat and full fat milk that is certified organic. The school is nut free. In case of allergies, our catering company will create meals for the child within their dietary restrictions.

Do you have early drop off and after care options available:

Our program is a little different from other schools. Our days begin at 7am and runs through 6.30pm. It’s all included in the tuition. This is a big advantage about us.

We also offer part time options in terms of number of days of the week (2, 3 and 5 days a week) from 7am – 6.30pm.

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ

What kind of curriculum do you follow & how is it different from other schools in the area:

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ curriculum is provided to us by the headquarters of Kiddie Academy. Its our own proprietary curriculum called Life Essentials. Its broken down into developmentally appropriate brackets. Its implemented within each of the classrooms. There are two big differences between our curriculum and others out there. First, It’s very differentiated and meant to be individualized instruction. Up until 2 years of age , instead of creating a lesson plan for the whole classroom, the teachers will create an individualized lesson plan, per week, per child for all students up to 24 months of age based on where they are developmentally, their actual date of birth, parents needs (what they want their child to work on) and teachers assessments working with the students. After 2 years they transition to a whole group lesson plan.

Secondly, we offer character education. Every month we focus on a character trait that comes with key vocabulary, songs and activities, for all children, infancy and up. It allows us to find a common thread and to unite the whole school in doing the same thing. It brings character education to life across the whole school.

Curriculum of Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ in a nutshell is differentiated, it’s individualized and it’s catered to every student’s developmental needs. There is also a lot of room for free play and exploration and honing in on where their interests lie.

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ

What extracurricular activities do you offer:

In addition to our curriculum which covers music, movement, gym and mathematics. We also offer American Sign language, Spanish and Music & More, once a week. Once every three months we also host an event at the school where we have soccer, face painting and other activities. We try and have community events for the parents and students alike.

Do you offer Summer Camp programs:

Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, NJ’s Summer Camp is open to the community for kids two years of age and up, with field trips on our bus! Enrollment is open!

What would you like to say to our families:

The number 1 thing we’ve tried to put forth is trying to make the school a community. A community for families, teachers, administration, students. We want them to feel like this is an extension of their home from home and want them to feel as comfortable as they can here. We want everyone to get exactly what they need from us and easy for first time parents especially. We want them to know that they can trust us. So community is a big thing for us. They can trust us through our camera service, we send them photos and videos everyday, there is direct line access to all the classrooms here. It’s really about establishing a community within a community.

A testimonial from a parent:

“Kiddie Academy of Hoboken blows the nanny experience out of the water”

I know most schools will say this, but we really believe our school is the highest of high quality. From our physical facility to programming the curriculum, to the teachers that we onboard, to professional development that we offer the teachers through the course of the year, to the furniture and the paint , we try and stay on top of everything, making sure we are maintaining the highest quality that we always can.

Childcare is a huge need in Hoboken and Jersey City and we want everyone walking through the doors to feel the excellent quality that we want to give them even if it’s an interview!:)

We love to meet parents! Tours are Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm but if you can’t make it we can accommodate based on your availability.

Address : 112 Sinatra Drive

Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 201-222-0111



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