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Swimming pools in and around Hoboken

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Swimming pools in and around Hoboken

Swimming is one of those basic safety skills that everyone can benefit from knowing how to do. Taking trips to the beach, going fishing, spending the day on a boat or going for family water park trip, all require you to know how to swim. And lucky for you, we got you covered! There are plenty of swimming pools in and around Hoboken. So no matter what your age, everyone is able to learn how to swim! Here are some of our top picks for swimming pools in and around Hoboken.

Sky Club Fitness and Spa

Location: 125 Marshall St, Hoboken

Swimming pools in and around Hoboken

Do you enjoy being an involved parent and are ready to make a splash with your tot? Then when it comes to swimming pools in and around Hoboken, the Sky Club Fitness and Spa has got you covered! With baby/toddler and me classes starting at six months and running until the age of three, you can enjoy this quality time with your child while they’re learning some important skills. They even break up the 3-6-year-old groups into two different sections based on whether your child has a fear of the water or not. A great way to ensure that each and every child is comfortable.

British Swim School 

Location- Multiple Locations in Hudson County

Swimming pools in and around Hoboken

This top-notch swim school provides lessons to babies as young as three months old to adults. The British Swim School has been up and running for over 35 years and has a total reach of over 13,000 students per week. That’s a lot of people and a whole lot of lessons! So what makes this place so great? What makes it stand out from the rest? Well, The British Swim School has a very unique approach to teaching swim lessons. They put a focus on individualized learning and teach in smaller groups in order to give each student more attention. This is a big factor in the success of their classes because with each student getting more individual attention, they can progress as fast possible. The goal of every lesson is to always have fun, but the main focus is put on skill development. The keys to creating an amazing swimmer. The British Swim School has gotten a good reputation over the years which is no surprise. Having featured on national TV and being associated with the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation has really put them on the map.

Miss Yvonne’s Swim School

Location: 1422 Grand St, Hoboken

Swimming pools in and around Hoboken

Starting as early as five months your little tots can make their first water appearance and join in on the learning fun! Something that makes Miss Yvonne’s Swim School stand out from the rest is that they have drop-in classes. They also have camp over Spring Break and Summer Break where each of the campers get 10 small group lesson every week. Have a pool? We can meet you there! We send highly qualified and insured instructors to your home. Our program offers five different levels of classes to choose from to ensure your child starts out at the best level based on their skills.


The Debaun Aquatic Center

Location: Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken

Participants must be at least 12 months of age for Parent and Child Lessons. Additional lessons for older children and adults are offered as well. This is one of the best swimming pools in and around Hoboken and is located inside the Schaefer Athletic Building.

Hamilton Health and Fitness

Location- Jersey City (5-7 minutes’ drive from Hoboken)

Finding swimming pools in and around Hoboken may be easy, but you also have to find the location that is most convenient for you. And the Hamilton Park location has been a huge hit with families in the surrounding areas. With a giant pool, there is plenty of space to get your swim on! Plus they have a feature that is definitely worth checking out. Their pool is heated! So no matter what time of year, the pool will always be a nice comfortable temperature. That is definitely a great bonus! Hamilton Health and Fitness offers classes starting at six months old and groups the older ages based on skill and age. They also offer private lessons if you feel that your child would do better in a one on one learning environment.

Hoboken High School

Location- 800 Clinton St, Hoboken

If you’re looking to cool off, head to Hoboken High School and go for a dip in their swimming pool! Hoboken High School has a small lap pool available to the public. ‘Mommy and Me’ sessions take place between 3 pm to 5 pm.


Swimming pools in and around Hoboken

Newport Swim and Fitness

Location- Jersey City (5-7 minutes’ drive from Hoboken)

With a very large indoor pool, this next place is sure to meet your needs. Newport Swim and Fitness offer lessons to both members and those who are not members. So no need to worry if you’re just in need of a place for your children to take some lessons. Classes start with ages as young as 8 months and offer private lessons for children ages 8-16.

No matter what your age, it’s never too late, or too early, to learn how to swim. Even before your little one can walk, there are places offering lessons to get them started. Swimming pools in and around Hoboken are most definitely not hard to come by.  There is a surplus of locations with something that will accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether you want to start your child off young and jump in the water with them, or you need lessons yourself, Hoboken is guaranteed to satisfy your swimming lesson needs. In addition to tons of swimming pools, Hoboken is home to some amazing sprinkler parks and a great spot for summer events for the whole family.

Swimming pools in and around Hoboken



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