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Top Sprinkler Parks in Hoboken and around

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Top Sprinkler Parks in Hoboken and around

With the warm weather finally making its appearance, we know that soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying time with friends and family is going to be the top thing on your to-do list. And of course, after what feels like an eternity long winter, the kids will be jumping at the chance to get outside and enjoy the weather. And what better way to make the most of this awesome weather than to cool off with some sprinkler fun! Yes, we’re talking about some of the top Sprinkler parks in Hoboken and around! An activity that is sure to be a great experience for the whole family.

Church Square Park4th Street and Willow Avenue

Who doesn’t love a brand new area to play on? Oh yes over the past few years this park has been newly renovated and ready for the kids to have a ball! Featuring brand new playground equipment, a renovated sprinkler area, a new set of swings, and an entire area dedicated specifically to toddlers. Church Square Park is dog-friendly too so no need to leave the pooch at home. They can join in on the fun too! The best part? If the sun’s rays start to become a little too hot to handle, the Hoboken Public Library is just across the street. You can cool off with a good book making the perfect ending to a great day. This is certainly one of the top Sprinkler parks in Hoboken and around.

Jackson Street ParkJackson Street and 1st Street

Continuing on with new renovations, Jackson Street Park has also gone through some awesome changes over the past few years. This now much larger playground area is covered in a new safety surface to ensure your little ones are safe even if they take a tumble. A nice soft cushion will catch their fall and they’ll be able to continue playing with ease. What makes this park one of the top Sprinkler parks in Hoboken and around is the fact that the park has even hopped on the technology bandwagon! Oh yes, parents, you can now use your smartphones to help out with your children’s play experience.

A scanner location placed on the equipment allows you to download an app that will show play tips for the equipment in use. A modern-day way of learning about all the great play equipment. And of course, we can’t forget the sprinkler! The arches that spray water, along with the climbing wall, are two features that haven’t changed a bit!

Madison ParkMadison Street and 3rd Street

This location may be a nice quiet area, but it has plenty of attractions to choose from! After a fun day of playing you can stop by the movie theater nearby and catch the latest film to hit the screen. There are even places to shop if you want to pick a few new items while you’re out and about. And if you get hungry, don’t forget to pop into Fiore’s Deli! They’ve been known to have some fantastic sandwiches, truly allowing it to be one of the top Sprinkler parks in Hoboken and around.

Elysian ParkHudson Street and 10th Street

As fun as it is sitting and watching your little ones play, sometimes you need a bit of exercise yourself. And that’s where Elysian Park’s great location comes in! Since it’s nice and close to the waterfront, the kids can not only enjoy the park but some nice scenery on a walk as well. Elysian Park is also equipped with the nice soft surface to ensure your kids are safe even if they fall. Feel free to bring your pups along because dogs are welcome to join in on the fun too! And if the kids start to get a little hungry, don’t worry! There are tons of restaurants in the area to satisfy their hungry bellies. No need to end the day early if hunger strikes.

Hamilton Park8th Street and Hamilton Place, Jersey City

Get ready to have a blast because this park has got a giant splash pad that is sure to keep the kids cool and having fun all day long! If your kids are spread out on the age bracket, there is a kiddie section for the smaller tikes to play on. This way you won’t have to worry about them getting lost in the sea of bigger kids. And if they want to switch things up from all the water fun, there is a traditional playground area to run around in as well. But this park isn’t just for the kids, it’s for the parents (and dogs) too! On Wednesdays, the farmers market is open so you can browse through all the tasty food before settling in to watch the kiddos play.

Enos Jones Park8th Street and Brunswick Street, Jersey City

This park may be slightly smaller than the others, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that Enos Jones Park has a great sprinkler and playground area! Fun aquatic animals squirt water for the kids to get cooled off on a hot summer’s day, giving a fun twist to a regular sprinkler. They can also easily run back and forth between the sprinkler area and the playground zone. The park is gated in so no need to worry about the kids accidentally wandering off in a different direction. And if you have a teen who loves to skateboard, you’re in luck!  This one of the top Sprinkler parks in Hoboken and around even has a skate park so there is something for kids of all ages to enjoy. There is even a community garden to look at while you walk around with your dog (yes, they’re welcome here too!)


So there you have it. Some of the top Sprinkler parks in Hoboken and around. From parks that are close to the waterfront to ones that are technology ready, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. Pick your favorite spot, grab the kids, and head out for a great day of fun! And if you need a change of scenery after a while, don’t worry! You can always come back to this handy-dandy list and choose another great park in the area.


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