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Yoga Studios in Hoboken, NJ

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Yoga Studios in Hoboken, NJ

Yoga is a trend that is definitely sticking around for the long run! Whether you’re new to city and looking for a yoga studios in Hoboken or new to the practice in general, keep reading to learn about some of the yoga hotspots in Hoboken and let us help you choose which studio is best for you!

And as an added bonus, we’ve included their new student deals so you can test them out before committing!

Surya Yoga Academy

Location(s): Midtown Hoboken (618 Washington St.)

Downtown Hoboken (79 Hudson St.)

Jersey City (341 Grove St.)

Surya Yoga Academy is a great option for your yoga needs as they offer such a wide variety of options including: hot yoga classes, unheated yoga classes and even teacher training! They have a great offer going on currently for new clients so now it the time to try them out! Offerings include 1 month of hot yoga for only $35 and 1 week of unheated yoga for only $25! So whether you’re a hot yoga fan or you want to try out some of their normal classes – you’ve got options!

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Yoga Studios in Hoboken, NJ

Powerflow Yoga

Location: Downtown Hoboken (104 Hudson St.)

Powerflow Yoga is another studio in Hoboken offering a variety of classes including, but not limited to, hot yoga in addition to some great amenities including free purified water (BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle) and access to props including blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters & towels all free of charge! New to PFY – your first week is totally free! Not only do they offer yoga but they sell some of the most trendy yoga wear including Spiritual Gangster and of course everyone’s favorite S’well Bottles! So get your yoga on and grab some great gear while you’re at it!

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Yoga Studios in Hoboken, NJ

Pavana Yoga Studios

Location: Downtown Hoboken (251 1st St.)

Pavana is another great yoga option featuring a variety of classes as well as teacher training! The Pavana system is based on 5 levels including Fire (Level 2), Water (between Level 1 and Level 2), Earth (Level 1), Soul (Restoritive & Yin classes) and Air (Meditation classes)! So you can choose what class works best for you! First time students can get three weeks of yoga for just $21!

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Real Hot Yoga

Location:Uptown Hoboken (1414 Grand St.)

Real Hot Yoga is a great spot offering multiple levels of classes including an all-level class! They offer classes throughout the day from 6 am through the evening hours so no matter your schedule you can fit a class in! Want to try out Real Hot Yoga for the first time? Get 30 days of unlimited yoga for just $45!

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Yoga Studios in Hoboken, NJ

Asana Soul Practice

Location: Midtown Hoboken (411 Jefferson St.)

Looking for a more lively practice? Look no further then Asana Soul Practice! There are three components of this studio including Physical Practice, Music Mantra and Soul Practice. Regarding Physical Practice – classes of all levels are offered! Music “has the power to connect, communicate and motivate” – with the mantra of music, Asana Soul has a resident DJ offering live music classes! Lastly, with regards to spiritualness – guided meditation is a big part of this studio’s theory. Looking to try out this great spot? Students receive a 15% discount with a valid ID and new students can receive 2 weeks of unlimited classes for just $35!

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Yoga Studios in Hoboken, NJ

Honor Yoga

Location: Midtown Hoboken (720 Monroe St.)

Honor Yoga offers more than just classes (for those of all levels) but also hosts retreats as well as workshops! This studio is also set apart by their eco-friendly studio in the Monroe Center Building. Forget hot yoga – why not try aerial yoga? That’s an option at Honor in addition to flow, power, beginner, “calm & strong” and kids and teen yoga classes! 30 days of unlimited classes for just $30 is the current offer for newcomers!

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““Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” we hope you are able to find the the right for your needs and you can continue for years to come.  You can combine swimming with yoga too and Hoboken has few great pools and they also give swimming lessons to kids and adults and you are a mom and need a fitness center withe child care, here is the list of some Fitness Studios with Childcare. Don’t forget to grab a quick bite from gluten-Free Restaurants.


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