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5 Best Petting Zoos Near Hoboken NJ


Best 5 Petting Zoos Near Hoboken

Have you visited one of the 5 Best Petting Zoos near Hoboken NJ this season? If you are looking for a fun-filled day enjoying the outdoors, fall weather, and providing your children with a learning experience, make time to visit some of the best 5 petting zoos near Hoboken during this autumn season. Each of the petting zoos provides fun, a variety of amenities and some have baked goodies and more. Plan a half-day or full-day of fun by visiting the best 5 petting zoos near Hoboken while you enjoy quality and bonding time together.

Best 5 Petting Zoos Near Hoboken NJ

Abma’s Farm- Market, Greenhouse, and Petting Zoo

700 Lawlins Road
Wyckoff NJ
[email protected]

Abma’s Farm is family owned and operated and has recently renovated the petting zoo barnyard. They now have entrance fees that help them provide exceptional care for every animal, routine barnyard maintenance, and keep a qualified, well trained, and happy barnyard staff. The Petting Zoo Barnyard at Abma’s Farms fees are $3.00 per person and children under the age of two are free.

They are open to serve you:

8 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday

8 am – 5:30 pm Saturday

While visiting Abma’s Petting Zoo, you’ll get to meet ducks, bunnies, boats, sheep, cows, three little pigs, donkeys, and alpacas. The animals are all adjusting and happy in their newly renovated barnyard. They all have adorable and fun names and are anxious to meet your family and be loved and petted.

Founded in 1929, Abma’s Farm has 30 acres, and 9 decades and 5 generations later, they are Bergen County’s only produce and poultry farm. They provide high-quality produce, poultry, eggs, fresh baked goods, and homemade specialties prepared in the gourmet kitchen. They have many events throughout the year including crafting, pumpkin picking and you can even host a party there. It’s no wonder why they are a popular place to go with many five star reviews.


Alstede Farms– Petting Zoos near Hoboken NJ

1 Alstede Farms Lane
Chester NJ
[email protected]

Alstede Farms is a fun place to visit and offers everything from delicious fresh products to visits with Santa Claus. Children may visit animals including goats, pigs, cows, lambs, and more.

They offer many different opportunities for things to do throughout the year. The amount you spend will vary and depend on what you decide to do. You can even purchase an annual fun pass which is perfect for anyone who wants to visit frequently. This is one of our favorite 5 Best Petting Zoos near Hoboken NJ

They are open to serve you from 9 am – 8:00 pm daily. Enjoy their friendly farm animals while you have an unforgettable experience and quality time together.

Best 5 Petting Zoos Near Hoboken NJ


Staten Island Zoo

614 Broadway
Staten Island NY

Admission is $10 for adults and children over 15 years of age, $7 for adults over 60 years of age, and $6 for children ages 3-14. Children two and under are free. Memberships are available for people who wish to visit frequently. Parking is also free. They are open daily from 10:00 am until 4:45 pm.

The Staten Island Zoo is an 8-acre zoo that is only 20 minutes away from Hoboken via the Bayonne Bridge. It has more than 400 animals, including reptiles, an African Savannah exhibit and a petting zoo where you and your family can enjoy the interaction with animals if you don’t want the farm experience.

The Staten Island Zoo offers many programs and special events throughout the year. You can also host a birthday party at the zoo.

Turtle Back Zoo

560 Northfield Avenue
West Orange NJ
[email protected]


Adults and children over 13 years of age $15

Children ages 2 – 12 years old $12

Adults over age 62 $12

Babies under 2 years of age FREE

They are open from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm daily. Please note that the main zoo entrance is under

construction through Spring 2019. Please follow directional signs for alternative entryways.

While Turtle Back Zoo is a little bit further away than some of the others, it is a wonderful zoo, and over 800 animals are waiting to meet you at this AZA-accredited zoo. They provide many exciting events, adventures, educational opportunities and you can also host a party there too.


Best 5 Petting Zoos Near Hoboken NJ

White Post Animal Farm– Petting Zoos near Hoboken NJ

250 Old Country Road
Melville NY
[email protected]

Admission includes a full day of fun, and there are several discount opportunities including coupons to sign up to receive prior to your visit. Please note they do not accept credit cards or checks. They are open to serve you from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm every day.

White Post Animal Farm may just be worth the drive to Long Island as they have won several awards. They offer many events, educational opportunities, a place to host parties, and of course, the opportunity to get up close with animals.

White Post Animal Farm has been farming since 1886 and is a 5th generation family-owned farm. This location is the furthest from Hoboken yet will make a day trip you’ll remember and treasure.

Tips for Visiting A Petting Zoo At A Farm

Animals are wonderful. However, animals make messes. If it has rained recently, expect mud. If there hasn’t been raining recently, expect lots of dust.

Wear clothes that are comfortable.

Even if the weather is nice, the barnyard is not a place for sandals or any open-toed shoes. Rain boots, tennis shoes, or any shoe with closed-toed that clean easily are excellent choices to wear in a barnyard.

Wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and that you are willing to put a little effort into cleaning up after the smiles, giggles, and fun.


There are also bugs at farms, so it’s a good idea to use the insect repellent of your choice before you arrive. This will help prevent bug bites which can be a nuisance.

Remember the memories will last, and the dirt and grime will wash away. Have fun visiting one of the Best 5 Petting Zoos near Hoboken NJ. You can plan to eat out after a tiring day or just have a quick bite while driving back or maybe just a cup of coffee or ice cream to gain the energy back 🙂


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