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Best Birthday party cakes in Hoboken, NJ


Best Birthday party cakes in Hoboken

Your little one has a birthday coming up and you’ve got the entertainment, party favors, and guest list ready to go! Now all you need is the icing on the cake, a cake! Homemade cakes are always yummy and a fun time to bond with family, however sometimes life gets too busy to make a birthday cake from scratch. Luckily Hoboken is a great hub for beautiful and delicious birthday cakes. Hold off on the flour-covered hair and messy kitchen and check out our list of the Best Birthday Party Cakes in Hoboken that we made just for you! Do not forget to order food and dessert for the guest 🙂 



Best Birthday party cakes in Hoboken

Here is the list of the Best Birthday party cakes in Hoboken:


343 Garden Street, Hoboken

Phone: (201) 420-0111


Sweet is a Hoboken staple, home to many delicious treats, and beautifully decorated cakes earning it a spot on our list of the Best Birthday Party Cakes in Hoboken! They bake both standard sizes and miniature versions of each recipe in case you need to experiment with a variety of flavors. If you need a custom cake, give them a call or stop by to check out their cake book for some design inspiration.

Carlo’s Bake Shop

95 Washington Street

Phone: (201) 659-3671


Carlo’s Bakery is a family-owned bakery, featured on Cake Boss, is known for our delicious pastries, desserts & cakes. But they don’t let the fame take over their delicious recipes! Take a look at their beautiful crafted cakes and choose your favorite or create your own design. Stopping in for a quick treat? Show your Hoboken ID so you can skip the line!

Best Birthday party cakes in Hoboken

Choc O Pain

157 First Street

Phone: (201) 710-5175


Choc O Pain bakes all of their bread in the traditional European way, using only 4 basic ingredients – flour, water, leaven, and a little bit of salt so you know what you’re getting. This French bakery has some of the most delicious bread and pastries, and they can also do special order birthday cakes as well. Want to get in on the fun yourself? Choc O Pain offers baking classes for you and your family to enjoy! It makes the perfect birthday gift to go with your birthday cake which makes it the perfect addition to our list of the Best Birthday Party Cakes in Hoboken!

Baking Mama

88 Hudson Street

Phone: (201) 683-0854


Baking Mama is a family-owned small-batch bakeshop that specializes in handcrafted French macarons, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more putting in our list of the Best Birthday Party Cakes in Hoboken. Their premium baked goods are available for online ordering and in-store pickup. Baking Mama also offers event catering and pastries for any occasion!


600 Newark Street

Phone: (201) 273-0336


“Taste the sweet style of life” with Sugarsuckle! They respect pure and authentic ingredients as the foundation of flavor and quality landing it a spot on our list of the Best Birthday Party Cakes in Hoboken! Whether the occasion calls for a one-of-a-kind custom cake or a stylish dessert bar, Sugarsuckle offers completely customized service to ensure that everything— from the first look to the last bite— delights.  

Insomnia Cookies

56 Newark Street

Phone: (201) 297-6076


Insomnia Cookies, a chain of bakeries famous for their late-night cookie deliveries, makes cakes! You read that right! Their cookie cakes are a little-known Insomnia Cookies special! A normal cookie cake is $22, while a mini cookie cake is $11.99. This treat is perfect for the next time you want to surprise your little one for their birthday! Need something quick and simple? Insomnia Cookies’ treats have pre-made sugar designs to choose from depending on what you’re celebrating!

ShopRite Bakery

900 Madison Street

Phone: (201) 792-6070


An oldie but a goodie! ShopRite isn’t just for eggs, milk, and produce. Their bakery is home to warm bread and delightful baked goods! Your cake could be waiting for you as you pass the isle. Found a design on Pinterest? Bring in a photo of your idea and they will bring it to life! Need something personal? Give them a birthday message and it will appear on your cake in the yummy frosting.

Jersey City also has a great array of places that make and deliver amazing artisan desserts for you and your family to enjoy during the next birthday party!

Milk Love Sugar

19 McWilliams Place, Jersey City

Phone: (201) 984-0530


Forget the store-bought ice cream cake and get your next birthday cake from Milk Love Sugar! They offer ice cream, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more! All of their desserts are made by hand using only grass-fed, organic milk and cream and all the best local produce. They’re open daily so you can always grab a yummy treat.

Best Birthday party cakes in Hoboken

Dulce de Leche Bakery

376 Central Ave, Jersey City

Phone: (201) 626-1888


Dulce de Lech Bakery brings all of the tradition and flavor of Argentina to Jersey City! Refusing to compromise on quality and craftsmanship has been the “secret” to the bakery’s success. Each day, they work diligently to continue learning, improving, and evolving. It’s on our list of the Best Birthday Party Cakes in Hoboken because not only is it a great place to grab avocado toast and a cup of coffee but it’s also the perfect place to make your cake dreams come true! If you want a custom cake, they typically require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice and due to the complexity of these designs, they are only able to accept a small number of custom cake orders per week on a first come first serve basis.


What pairs well with cake? Ice cream of course! Hoboken has plenty of ice cream parlors to help make your birthday party or get together extra special and delicious! Satisfy your sweet tooth with all of the amazing options the Mile Square City has to offer!


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