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Montessori Schools In Hoboken NJ


Montessori Schools In Hoboken

Montessori Schools in Hoboken NJ is one of many quality educational opportunities for our children. There are many other favorite early education opportunities throughout Hoboken and Jersey City. Here’s a list of all types of educational choices for your children if you are not considering the Montessori methods.

The traditional system of early education has been reformed with the growing popularity of the concept of Montessori schools. Developed by Maria Montessori, the famous Italian educator, the Montessori school of education teaches children in a holistic and individualized approach. This Montessori education method can be healthy for the development of the child.

There is less generalizing in the teachings, and instead, more focus on the behavioral patterns of the child. Montessori education, from birth to adulthood offers training adequately suited to the personal needs of each student.

The American Montessori Society has laid down a mandatory set of instructions for each Montessori school to follow. It is the governing body for all Montessori schools in the country.

All the major cities of the country offer several Montessori schools, which are either new or have years of experience in the field of complete mental, physical, emotional, cultural, and artistic development of children.

Among these are the cities of Hoboken NJ and Jersey City NJ, which are the proud hosts of one of the most excellent Montessori schools in the country.

Hoboken Montessori School  

Topping the list is the Hoboken Montessori school with its kid-friendly learning environment. The goal of the Montessori approach is to cultivate the child’s natural curiosity while enabling the child to take joy in learning. The teachers at Hoboken Montessori School are dedicated to the preparation of a warm, inclusive classroom that fosters creativity, independent thinking, and respect. This Montessori School in Hoboken NJ is a step above the regular daycare centers.

Contact: [email protected]

Apple Montessori Schools 

Montessori Schools In Jersey City NJ and Hoboken NJ

Apple Montessori Schools has two convenient Hoboken locations at 220 Sinatra Drive and 1055 Maxwell Ln in Hoboken. The Apple Montessori schools are providing a nourishing and encouraging environment for children. They are family owned and have been instilling a love of learning, a strong work ethic, creativity, and respect in their students since 1972. These Montessori Schools in Hoboken NJ provide excellent service in every respect.

Contact Apple Montessori Schools via their online form.

Montessori School 

The staff at Montessori School of Jersey City has been trained to keep the natural instincts of every child alive and boost their talents. This Montessori Schools in Jersey City NJ enrolls children from the age group of 3.5 to 9 years. These Montessori students have the privilege and convenience of walking out of their classrooms into their garden classrooms. Growing garden vegetables and science projects are just some of the many enrichment learning opportunities at this Montessori School.

Contact: 201.432.6300

Hamilton Park Montessori 

Hamilton Park Montessori is one of several private Montessori Schools in Jersey City NJ. Hamilton Park Montessori offers an incomparable learning experience to children age one year to 8th grade. Hamilton Park Montessori follows the vision of Maria Montessori who was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize for her advocacy of children and work toward world peace. The curriculum at Hamilton Park Montessori lays a solid foundation for math, language, geography, science, social studies, creative arts, physical movement, sensory learning, and practical living.

Contact: 201.533.1910

Waterfront Montessori 

Montessori Schools In Jersey City NJ and Hoboken NJ

The Waterfront Montessori school promises a more confident and inspired child. This Montessori Schools in Hoboken NJ guarantee to teach the desired habits and attitudes in your child within a short period. They use a Montessori curriculum for toddlers through 5th grade and a Montessori curriculum combined with the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program for grades 6-8. The Waterfront Montessori school reflects the neighborhood population with the staff and students being culturally and racially diverse.

Contact: [email protected]

 Bergen-Layfayette Montessori School

If you are searching for Montessori Schools in Jersey City NJ, this is one that is diverse and bilingual. Bergen-Layfayette Montessori provides a Montessori educational environment for children to have the necessary independence and freedom to grow and thrive. This Montessori School in Jersey City provides the foundation to help these students be ready to thrive in the 21st century.

Contact: 201.706.3403

 Liberty Montessori – The Place For Learning 

There are numerous Montessori Schools in Jersey City NJ and this is a new early learning center for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. Liberty Montessori – The Place For Learning caters to children of busy parents supporting strong academic preparedness.

Through the love of learning and acquiring appropriate skill sets, children continue to grow not only academically but socially, emotionally, and cognitively too.

Contact: 201.985.8745

Educational Choices Hoboken NJ – Jersey City NJ

We all want the best for our children, and we have to do what we believe in our hearts to be right. If a Montessori education is not best for your family, here’s a list of the Best Five Hoboken Elementary Schools. Additionally, there are five public school options for children for pre K programs. Residents have free access to these programs: Best Preschools in Jersey City – Hoboken NJ.

The Jersey City Public School system offers a diverse array of schools. They have fourteen elementary Schools, thirteen grammar schools, and four middle schools. Charter schools in Hoboken and Jersey City are independently run public schools which are granted greater flexibility and have greater accountability than a traditional public school.

This is a handy list of private schools, charter schools, public schools, and daycares in Hoboken and Jersey City: 2017-18 Education Guide.

We understand we all want the same thing for our children, safety, someone to provide excellent care when we aren’t with them, the best education possible while helping them develop, grow, thrive, and have a happy childhood. Montessori Schools in Jersey City NJ – Hoboken NJ is one option to consider as you search for the perfect fit for you and your family.

Montessori Schools In Jersey City NJ and Hoboken NJ


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